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  • What is Macrolane™?

    Macrolane™ is a gel that adds volume to tissues. It is used for restoring and
    enhancing body contours, such as buttocks, or for filling concave
    deformities and scars. It provides instant and long-lasting results without open
    surgery. Unlike open surgery, the scarring at the injection site is minor and is
    likely to become less noticeable with time.

    It is based on Q-Med's unique and patented NASHA™ technology for stabilizing hyaluronic acid. NASHA technology has been used to produce over 15 million beauty treatments and is used in over 70 countries worldwide.

  • What does Macrolane consist of?

    Macrolane is a crystal-clear gel based on stabilized hyaluronic acid. As a natural component of the skin, hyaluronic acid binds water and helps maintain volume.

    By stabilizing hyaluronic acid into a gel with NASHA technology, it lasts longer and is similar to the body’s own hyaluronic acid. Macrolane gel is biodegradable.

  • What areas can be treated with Macrolane?

    Macrolane is an innovative product for volume restoration and contouring of body surfaces, for example buttocks.

    Macrolane can also smooth out unevenness in the skin surface, such as those
    caused by liposuction and surgical scars.

  • How does Macrolane differ from Restylane?

    Macrolane™ is a thicker gel developed specifically for volume restoration and body
    contouring. Restylane® is used for smaller facial corrections. The size of the
    cannula for Macrolane treatment is accordingly larger than the needle used for
    Restylane treatment.

  • How long does the procedure take?

    The procedure takes around 30-90 minutes depending on the area treated and
    the quantity of gel injected. The result can be seen immediately.

  • How is a Macrolane™ treatment done?

    The treatment should be performed in a clinic by a trained physician. The
    procedure usually requires a local anaesthetic to allow Macrolane to be injected
    into the selected area. The procedure takes around 30- 90 minutes and the
    results are immediate. Talk to your physician about any pre- and post treatment

  • Who can have Macrolane treatment?

    Macrolane treatment is available to anyone who would like to adjust the shape of their body in a non-permanent way without undergoing a major surgical
    procedure. Likewise, Macrolane is suitable for people with concerns about
    undergoing general anaesthesia or surgical scarring.

    A Macrolane treatment is a short procedure that normally requires a local
    anaesthetic. This results in minimal disturbance to daily activities or time away
    from work.

  • Are there any reasons not to have a Macrolane treatment?

    As with any medical procedure there might be special requirements that should
    be evaluated together with your Macrolane physician. Specifically, there should be no active disease, such as inflammation, infection or tumours, in or near the intended treatment site.

  • What happens after Macrolane treatment?

    After Macrolane treatment you will see the results at once. Following the
    procedure, the treated area may feel tense or sore for a few days, while the gel
    settles and puts pressure on the surrounding tissues. Regular over-the-counter
    painkillers are usually enough to treat this discomfort.

    While it is recommended to take it easy following the treatment - no heavy
    exercises or extended pressure - most people continue their normal daily
    activities shortly thereafter. Your treating physician will give you necessary post
    treatment advice.

  • Who can perform a Macrolane treatment?

    We only recommend that experienced physicians perform the procedure.

  • How can I find a physician?

    Visit the Macrolane website for more information about where to find physicians that perform Macrolane treatments.

  • What are the benefits of Macrolane?

    With Macrolane you are able to adjust the shape of your body in a natural, nonpermanent way. The procedure is fast and requires only local anaesthetic
    resulting in minimal time away from work or daily activities.

    The benefits of Macrolane are:

    • You neither undergo a major surgical procedure nor general anaesthesia.
    • The treatment does not involve the use of permanent implants or body fat.
    • As Macrolane is a non-permanent product, it can be adjusted to changes of your body allowing you to stay in control of your looks.
    • After the treatment you do not have to worry about extensive scarring.
  • How long does Macrolane last?

    The aesthetic improvement usually lasts up to one year. The gel breaks down
    slowly, as part of a normal process in the body. All bodies are different and
    individual variability exists.

    To maintain a satisfactory aesthetic effect, retreatment is generally needed 9-12 months after the initial injection with less volume than the first injection.

  • How does the gel disappear?

    The break down of the Macrolane gel is a slow and gradual process. It is
    naturally biodegraded by the human body.

  • Is Macrolane safe?

    Yes, Macrolane is based on the same stabilized hyaluronic acid that has been
    used in more than ten million treatments for facial aesthetics with no life
    threatening related events reported. The safety of Macrolane has been
    thoroughly evaluated according to relevant standards for medical devices.

  • Are there any side effects after a Macrolane treatment?

    The most common side effect is a slight soreness or swelling at the injection site. The gel can also irritate by pressure on the tissue and cause a slight
    inflammation. It is a normal and expected reaction to anything injected. The
    treated area can feel sore and sensitive for a few days. Non-prescription anti
    inflammatory pills is usually enough to relief the discomfort.

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