Announcement about Macrolane for breast enhancement

Q-Med, the manufacturer of Macrolane, has decided to discontinue the promotion of Macrolane for breast enhancement until further notice.

The decision has been taken due to the lack of consensus amongst radiologists regarding best practices in the examination of breasts treated with Macrolane.

After reviewing the current situation, and in consultation with the relevant authorities, Q-Med has decided to stop promoting the use of Macrolane in breast enhancement until consensus has been reached regarding best practices in breast radiology examination following Macrolane treatment.

I have had a breast treatment with Macrolane – do I need to do anything?

No. Women who have undergone breast enhancement by injection of Macrolane do not have to take any action and are not subject to specific medical follow-up other than that prescribed by their practitioner following the procedure.

Prior to any breast examination, it is important to inform the healthcare provider who performs your breast screening of the last date that you had a breast enhancement treatment with Macrolane or any other breast augmentation procedure.

Does this decision mean that Macrolane is not safe?

No. There are no safety concerns with Macrolane as a product. This decision has been taken due to the lack of consensus amongst radiologists regarding examination of breasts treated with injectable products.

Macrolane is a high-quality product manufactured to CE Mark standards. Macrolane is a safe and effective product providing a high level of satisfaction for thousands of patients who have received the product in conjunction with a body contouring or breast augmentation procedure in many different countries in the world.

A safety reporting system has been in place since launch in 2008 and no safety concerns have been identified.

Macrolane will remain available for use in body contouring procedures. 

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